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You have found your soulmate before two years, and finally last year, you got married. You have found that she is the best companion for your “SELF.” You have decided to spend every day together and when the anniversary day comes, you are confused. To PRESENT her with the right gift. Do not worry. This article on anniversary gift – smart home products will focus on plenty of gifts to satisfy your love.

Anniversary Gifts

You can find lots of anniversary gift ideas on the internet. Some list out the traditional and modern themes according to the time. But we are focusing on the best smart home products for you, as a couple. These devices will not only add glamour to your home but also give ambiance. 

Selecting the gift for the first anniversary is no simple task. You need to know your wife’s interest, passion as well as talent. So, if the article interests you, do not forget to shop on the reputed online websites to find the best model with a discount for your spouse.

Right Gift

Yes, every spouse will want a diamond ring for her first anniversary. But your wife, being the smart one, when asked, responded by wanting a device for her home technology section. You may have a need for gadgets or want your dwelling a smart home. Fine, let this gift be the first step to making a smart home. 

A. Marriage Anniversary Gift – Droplet’ Humidifier (Crane Filter)

Droplet' Humidifier

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Is your wife a working professional? Then ensure you buy her the Droplet Humidifier. If she works in an office environment, the dry air can have negative effects on the skin. This gift is perfect for working women.

B. Marriage Anniversary Gift – Home Cinema 2150 Wireless Projector (Epson)

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You can also gift the tablet to make your wife watch movies on Amazon or Netflix. If you buy this projector, it is possible for your wife to project on the walls or screen to enjoy a movie effect. You can do this task by connecting to your phone or tablet.

There are also some anniversary gifts which could make your spouse’s everyday life a lot easier. And you can even buy these gifts online. 

When you purchase a gift, do not forget to combine style and function. 

C. Marriage Anniversary Gift – Mark & Graham Commute Laptop Sleeve

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If your wife carries a laptop to her office every day, then this might be your pick. Her office items ranging from lipstick, cards, cash and other necessities can be safeguarded in this pouch. 

D. Marriage Anniversary Gift – The Rhonda from Scottevest

Is it the winter and you find rains at short notice? Then buy her The Rhonda. It can keep her body from becoming drenched. It has an enormous space and you can fill with some twenty items. There is plenty of space to stash money, lipstick, sunglasses and the likes. 

E. Yevo 1 Wireless Earbuds

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Did we see you raise an eyelid? Please note, that the devices are more elegant than the Airpods. It is sleek and you can even put them in a tiny bag. 

Technology gadget gifts are some of the most sought after items on the block. Please note, it is your first anniversary and we have not worried about the price of gadgets. 

F. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Is your wife a multiskilled and multitasked worker at home? Then there are chances she may forget some tasks. Sometimes, she forgets her bike keys and keeps searching for an hour. You can attach this tag and help it generate a sound. Then it becomes easy to be located.

G. Pac-Man Connect/Play Remote

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Is your wife a game lover? Then present her the Pac-Man Connect. She can play her favorite video game on TV.

H. Beddi Glow Alarm Clock

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Is your dear spouse a late-night sleeper? Then you can present her with an alarm clock. It has an alarm that gradually increases the sound. Oh yes, you also have a Bluetooth speaker.

I. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

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Is your wife always working for your family? Do you have a smart washing machine and air conditioner in the home? Then buy the Amazon Echo Dot. 

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J. Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones

Is your spouse a fitness freak? Then you can present the Fitbit wireless headphones. It has style, and elegance. Your wife will love the music while pumping iron at the gym. This type comes in two colours. The other accessories are a cable, built-in microphone and other features.

K. GoPro Hero Waterproof Action Camera

As the name suggests, if your wife is adventurous, you can take her on a trip and gift her this camera. Benefits – an app that works both with Android as well as iOS devices. You can click, watch and also transfer images/photos to other devices. Wireless transfer. Do you have a sizable following on Facebook, Twitter and every social media platform? Then with this device, you can share the images. There are other benefits. It can withstand any type of weather such as mud, snow and water. You also have the helmet mount, voice activated remote. 

L. Smart Air Conditioner

Are you both working professionals in Bombay? Then if you return home after a hard day’s work, in the red hot summer, you need to make an effort to modify the temperature. Buy your soul mate a reputed air conditioner of the recent variety. Then while coming to the home, the smart device will automatically modify the temperature of the room or home. Or you can just command with your voice to change the temperature. If you live in an apartment, then you can make use of this AC model to pacify the nerves after a hard day’s work. Please note, this smart device can get connected with other home systems or smart devices. For example, the Google Assistant and Alexa device. 


These are some anniversary gifts you can present to your soul mate for the first year. Kindly inform us if there are more gift options by submitting a Review in the Comments section.