Glam up The Wedding Ceremony with Amazing Flower Decoration

Wedding Ceremony with Amazing Flower Decoration

Wedding is an auspicious moment of everyone’s life. Bride and groom both want to make it exceptional and memorable for guests. The wedding ceremony cannot be assumed without flowers decoration. Flowers give a fresh look to both indoor and outdoor wedding destinations. Wedding couples get more excited to do something different and new. So here we get you some budget-friendly and whimsical wedding church altar decoration idea to follow in the wedding ceremony. This will definitely help you in giving your wedding destination a grandeur look.

1. Palm Tree Leaves

To add more greenery into your wedding you can use lots of palm tree leaves. Palm tree leaves look fascinating when they are adorned at the backstage of wedding. You can also use some big palm tree pots to decorate the getaway. Use the big palm tree’s leaves to make the beautiful semi-circle backdrop of the wedding stage. This decoration can be applied in any nature’s place or at the bay of the beach. If you are a green thumb or you are looking for a low budget ceremony, this idea is definitely going to work.

2. Whimsical Chandelier

Mostly we insist on putting lights chandelier exactly on the rooftop of the wedding stage. Here you can save your money of hiring a costly chandelier. You can use lots of lush greens to make beautiful chandelier on the top of the wedding stage. Use so many colorful flowers and greens to make a beautiful chandelier. Use wire to mold into chandelier shape and then tape greens and flowers to make an exotic chandelier. You can do some modification by altering the design and shape of chandelier.

3. Circle of blooms

It can be used to make a huge floral backdrop of the wedding stage. How amazing it looks. Couples are taking oaths in front of the huge circle covered with lots of blooms. For this, you need a huge round circle rod or pipe. It is my personal advice doesn’t try it at home. Please contact flower decoration for wedding reception designers. They will help you in making the huge round sculpture of blooms at a very cheap price. The idea is used by many florists and they have got good responses from the guests. So you can use it too.

4. Grass Backdrop

Pampas grass backdrop gives your wedding destination a royal look. Mostly we use an abundance of flower to decorate any kind of canopy, backdrop and welcome door. But here we use pampas grass in place of flowers. No doubt flowers charm the wedding but you can think about something different. A pampas grass backdrop completes the wedding stage. It feels like you are in the royal land and princess and princess is going to commit their oaths behind this beautiful backdrop.

5. Modern Chuppah

You can do so many variations in floral chuppah. The chuppah is a type of cover in the beneath of that roof couples used to take their wedding oaths. The design of chuppah can be change as per the requirement of theme. It has laces, satin fabrics, some supported with four poles. Now the trend is changed to flowers. People use most of the seasonal flowers to cover those poles and canopy. This is a new trend derived from Indian wedding tradition. In India, it is called “chori”.  Your friend is tying the knot in Brazil; you can send your best wishes by using flower delivery Brazil service,

6. Rustic Barn Background

Rustic means it consists of wooden things. Here everything is designed and embellished with wood and grass and flowers. You can use wooden poles to make geometry shapes, cross shapes behind the wedding stage. The rustic look is in fashion and couples demand rustic things more and more to feel the nature’s vibe in the wedding. And if you have forgotten the wedding anniversary, use romantic flowers delivery Brazil the same day and woo your partner.

Here are some thoughtful and inspiring ideas on how to decorate the wedding stage with greens. Nature itself beautifies the space, no wonder. Just you need to cut them and fix them in the right space. You can use as many greens and flowers to decorate the photo booth, welcome entry to feel the nature around. I think now you are satisfied and got the answer of how to fill nature in wedding, hope so.