5 Things everyone must do on this Diwali

Did I just hear a burst of a firecracker? Oh, I think Lord Rama is on its way. I mean Diwali is just around the corner. I know we all get excited when the festive season is approaching and yes more excited for the festive holidays. Known as the festival of lights, crackers, and sweets, Diwali is sure important festivals for Hindus, and it surely deserves a special celebration. Other than bursting crackers, Here is a list of things you should definitely do on this Diwali. Let’s begin!

Flyback Home

We in India, believe that festivals should be celebrated amongst your loved ones at a place called home. And thus, keeping that in mind, as Diwali approaches, everyone starts rushing back to their original home, where mom is! Now you can say it because of the custom that people follow, or due to the fear of moms that pushes them to do so, whatever it is, one has to have reached home on the eve of Diwali. So, if you are also one of them who lives far from their parents and friends, just book the tickets already, take off from work because you are going back home this Diwali. 

Go Shopping

I know you always look for reasons to go shopping. Well, what can be a more appropriate reason to shop than at a festival like this. Diwali shopping is a separate thing, but here I’m not talking about Diwali shopping, I’m talking about your personal shopping (don’t tell anyone that I am the one who put that in your head). When you are looking for Diwali gifts for friends and family, pamper yourself too. Give yourself a makeover you always wished for because hey, its Diwali for you too. So what, if you miss out on one of your neighbor’s gifts. 

Revamp Your House

When I said to give yourself a makeover, I forgot to mention that provide a makeover to your home as well. Yes, your home also needs one. Though the cleaning (extra cleaning) drive starts almost a month ago, just cleaning won’t do. Your house should also reflect the festive vibes. So before you indulge in the decoration part, roll up your sleeves and do the needful like paint and other stuff. Give away the extra things you don’t even look at but are still hoarding on. Trust me; festivals are an excellent time to give your house a new look. 


Don’t keep the festive vibes limited to yourself and your loved ones. Think about the unprivileged ones too, and do some charity work. Trust me, the happiness it brings is immeasurable. This Diwali, take a pledge to be generous and put a light to some strangers who actually need it. Giveaways as much as your capacity allows and you will notice the immense pleasure it will bring along. Though I’m not forcing you to go charity because it comes from the heart, but I think this deserves a place in this list. 


It is okay if you are an introvert, and don’t really like to socialize. You can carry on with that attitude for the rest of the days. Its Diwali, and it should be celebrated with great happiness. Don’t be a spoiler and try to mix up with everyone. Remember, new neighbors just shifted in your locality? Its the best time to bond with them and make them feel like home. Since everyone is in a free mood, away from all the daily stress and work, it is the best time to socialize with people. 

Diet? What’s that?

Hey, all the diet freaks out there. Hows your diet going? Well, I would like you to say bye-bye to your diet on this auspicious day. I know you have been sweating a lot in the gym but how many times are you going to say no to all those roshgullas offered to you. Give yourself a break and it’s the best time to fulfill all that sugar that has been lacking from your body.

Diwali is a festival celebrated with sweets, and with all those sweets lying around, I don’t think you will be able to control. So, you can order Diwali sweets online. Its all about 5 things to do on this Diwali.